Zen Attitude

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ZEN ATTITUDE is a philosophy, a way of life which will enable you to achieve a sense of serenity.

This way of life can be found within our everyday routine, it allows you to look at things in the right perspective and view them with a sense of detachment.

The very act of learning how to restore your energies will help you achieve a sense of inner fulfilment.

Your natural energies will be recharged thanks to what you have learned. With an understanding of the theory of 5 elements, you will know which zones of the body needing care.

It is an amazing synthesis of logic and precision.

The technique uses special excercises: a series of six body movements which stimulate your energies enabling them to circulate around the meridians of your body.

You will learn how to eat more healthily, while continuing to be able to enjoy tasty dishes. Your body will stay in harmony.

You will practise the art of relaxation to achieve an equilibrium for yourself and for those around you.

Practising the ZEN care techniques will not tire you. On the contrary, you will find your energy revitalized.

You can achieve all this thanks to the high quality of the training courses and thanks to your commitment and hard work. Assuming you respect these factors, success will come.

For over 25 years, Nicole Sinet, master ZEN care teacher, has been training her students in the most prestigious locations.