Indian soft warm oil rub

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Enjoy the sensation of being massaged by dozens of hands.

This technique is only to be used following prior preparation, as the subject must already be in a state of complete relaxation, for example after a Zen Shiatsu, an Ayurvedic or a Tibetan singing bowl massage.

It brings together the energies of Yin and Yang, leading to a delicious floating sensation during which you feel you are drifting on the paths of consciousness, away from real time.

An extraordinarily precise holistic treatment. You feel as if dozens of hands are lightly touching you, taking you into a state of wonderful fulfilment, allowing your body and mind to regenerate themselves. It leads to a sensation of radiant inner beauty.

After this treatment you will be delighted to find you have gained a quiet strength which will allow you to confront any problems you may encounter and find the right solutions.