Coloured light beams


Chromatherapy : the magic of colours

Our bodies are sensitive to 4 energies : cold, heat, humidity and dryness.

Coloured light can have a significant physical and psychic impact on the body, stimulating and reinforcing life energies within the essence of our being.

The effects of chromatherapy are felt through the interaction of different hues of light with the body’s defences. This is a natural induction process permitting the organism to adapt itself to any environment. All that is required is to identify precisely the dominant or missing energy source: then the appropriate colour source can be applied.



Here are the body’s reactions:

  • Orange triggers a reaction of heat, releasing cold energy.
  • Red triggers cold and stimulates a heat reaction.
  • Blue is recognized as dry, stimulating a humid reaction.
  • Green prompts humidity, producing a dry reaction.


The body achieves balance when these energies are diffused throughout certain zones of the body. In terms of the meridians, Yin is a receptor for cold and humid energies, while Yang is a receptor for the hot and dry ones.