The healing power of rocks

The healing power of rocks on our body equilibrium


They represent a return to nature in its purest form. Native stones and unpolished crystals contain energy derived from the earth’s core and from the power of the sun.

Depending on their molecular composition, they can have a direct bond with solar and earth energies.

They regulate, liberate and regenerate our own energies. ALTHEAGREY has chosen rocks which connect with the 7 energy centres of the body.

The crystals and natural stones are alive.

Scientific studies have shown that stones can be living things.

When subjected to photographic inspection by electronic microscope, the forms contained within the centre of the rocks evolve at precise moments in time.

Early forms evolve and are transformed: proof of the existence of vibrations within the stone.

Since ancient times, civilizations have recognized the beneficial properties of stones and have applied their healing properties to humankind.

When you place the stones on the 7 chacras which are our principal energy centres, they regenerate the energy flux in the body.