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Découvrez le monde la Beauté et des Énergies de l’Univers


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Today Altheagrey has become a modern company which offers a fusion between the latest technological advances and ancestral methods from Asia.

We are a company which is both wise and dynamic. The company has been able to remain successful while being innovative.

We are among the leading firms integrating Asian spiritual fulfillment techniques with body-care products sourced from the very best of French cosmetics.


Concept Universal Zen Beauty

Your guide to success !

Learning a rigorous approach to controlling your emotions and to the management of yourself, your team and your customers.

How to stimulate feelings of admiration, enthusiasm and passion through the sale of an exceptional range of products and through the application of luxury care techniques. Sharing successful results between the beautician and the client Achieving your aims: to develop your business into a successful enterprise while enjoying yourself.

A single objective is our constant preoccupation : making your business profitable while enjoying your activity as a provider of an outstanding range of care products.